Linkblogging For 11/01/02

I meant to get the next Who post for Mindless Ones up today, but I’ve got a blinding headache, so you just get links. The post will probably be up tomorrow.

Teatime Brutality had a great post about Doctor Who and canonicity. I only followed the parts of the discussion that showed up on his (her?) tumblr (a problem with tumblr for those who like to follow discussions is it gets fragmented over half a dozen people’s blogs), but there were some great points about Morrison’s Batman being closer to Lance Parkin than Paul Magrs as well as some shorter comments. (Warning, BTW, like all tumblrs that have ever existed, Teatime Brutality’s contains random porn images interspersed with the other stuff. The pages I’ve linked are safe for work, but the tumblr itself may not be).

The Vault Of Horror is celebrating 90 years of Nosferatu

Arkhonia continues his long series of posts about Smile with this one analysing the 1967 TV programme Inside Pop, arguing (rightly) that Smile needs to be seen in a wider context of American popular music, rather than from the narrow, list-based ‘rock’ viewpoint. (And see above about ‘canon’ again. Canons obliterate context. That’s almost their *purpose*).

Ragnell is furious at Warren Ellis for having Captain America condone torture.

And Apple, Rim and Nokia added backdoors for the Indian government to intercept communications using their mobile phones. People wonder why I won’t have a mobile phone even though they’ve now turned into mini pocket computers and you don’t even need to do the phone call bit – it’s because I want to control what code is or isn’t running on any computer I own.

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  1. Mercy says:

    You can jailbreak a lot of phones to run linux though, can’t you? Granted, I know nothing about this and there’s probably a good problem (the only phone I’m aware of that runs linux out of the box is silly pricey), but I’m curious as to what it is.

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