Coming Soon…

Cover to Doctor Watson Investigates: The Case Of the Scarlet Neckerchief

Available as an ebook tonight…

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2 Responses to Coming Soon…

  1. Emily says:

    I kept failing to get round to reading this on-line but I bought the e-book and loved it. I recently read all of the original stories (apart from the weird Mormon bit in A Study In Scarlet whch bored me to tears so I skipped it, without much detriment to the story) and it felt like it fitted right into that canon :)

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Thank you, lovely of you to say so. I got the idea of this after rereading Hound and Adventures back-to-back last summer, and watching the Jeremy Brett series with Holly. I really must reread the rest again soon – it’s been a good few years since I read the rest.

      It’s been selling moderately well, which is nice – it means I’ll have an excuse to do another one at some point. Watson’s voice is one of those (like Bertie Wooster’s) that’s so well-defined you can just sit down and write in it with barely any thought because the original author did all the hard work.

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