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Writing Plans For The Coming Year

This is partly here so people know what will be coming up on this blog, but mostly so I have an aide memoire I can refer to myself. These are the projects I’m working on at the moment or planning … Continue reading

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On Ebook Pricing And Promotion

This post will really only be of interest to other people who self-publish or plan to. The rest of you can ignore it. It’s a little addendum to the post I made last week. There is nothing more likely to … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 30/01/12

Sorry for the lack of proper posting – I know I’m behind again on MindlessWho, but I’m practically dead of exhaustion. Have some links instead. Can’t believe I’d not heard of this before yesterday (via Andrew Ducker), but Daily Science … Continue reading

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The Shakespeare Code: A Short Story

I had to have a nap earlier because of a headache, and I woke up giggling to myself with this story almost fully formed. One bit took some work (you’ll see which). If you like it, you can buy it … Continue reading

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Time Detective Chapter Two

[For part one of the story, click the “time detective” tag] So I should probably explain what it actually is that I do, shouldn’t I? I’m a private detective, but I started out as a physics student. I was planning … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 26/01/12

I’ll be mostly absent from the internet for the next few days – I’m working odd hours today (4-10PM), then normal hours tomorrow, on Saturday I’m doing Lib Dem leafletting and on Sunday I’ve got to fill out my tax … Continue reading

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Making It – Stew And The Negro Problem

Singer/songwriter Mark “Stew” Stewart and bassist/vocalist Heidi Rodewald put out some of my favourite albums of the late 90s and early 2000s, both with their band The Negro Problem (a baroque-pop group whose ex-members have gone on to be, among … Continue reading

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