All ads removed

While I’m staying in the US, I’ve visited this site using a Windows machine for the first time ever, which means I’m seeing the site without NoScript or AdBlock Plus or being logged in for the first time since I’ve started it.

It appears that WordPress’ definition of ‘discreet ad’ is not the same as mine – I understood it to mean the occasional text-only ad placed off to the side. Apparently it means whacking great autoplaying Flash things between the body of the blog post and the comments. So I’ve paid the small upgrade fee to have them removed (though I hope most of my readers know better than to use browsers and OSes which would subject them to such annoyances).

As much as anything else, this is a business decision. As a greater portion of my income comes from writing now (still nowhere near enough to live off, but almost approaching the 10% mark if this month’s increases represent a trend rather than a blip) I can’t afford to have this site put people off. But also, it’s just unpleasant to make people see that kind of thing. I find advertising quite loathsome.

I’m hoping to have two more Doctor Watson chapters up today and another two tomorrow, then I’ll ebookify it next week (it won’t be long enough to make a paper book worthwhile).

Hope those of you who celebrate it had a good Christmas, and those who don’t aren’t too annoyed by all the people going on about it.

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