Christmas Eve Linkblogging

I won’t be able to do any proper updates until Boxing Day, because we’re busy doing family stuff with Holly’s family, but I’m hoping to get Doctor Watson Investigates finished next week. I’m also going to start on a book on The Kinks, because I’m going to wait until we know exactly what’s happening with the Beach Boys next year before writing volumes two and three of that book (there is talk of reissues of several albums and a new box set, as well as a new album. I may even have to do a second edition of volume 1, to cover any bonus tracks…)

But for now, some links:

Bob Temuka on The Invisibles

Lawrence Miles has a new blog, telling the stories of Sherlock Holmes as Watson originally wrote them, before Doyle insisted he take the monsters out. Here’s the first story – A Brood-Mare For Gloriana.

Brad Hicks on empathy disorders

Philip Purser-Hallard writes a Christmas-themed SF story every year for his Christmas cards, and then posts them on his blog the next year. Here’s his 2010 one, with links to the earlier ones.

An interview with Mike Love about the Beach Boys reunion. Contains details of the backing band and other info.

And a merry Christmas to all of you at home.

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