New Faction Paradox!

It’s really starting to look like this Christmas is some kind of great dream for me. Not only have the Beach Boys reformed, and I’ve seen a great Paul McCartney gig, but the disability benefits we’ve been fighting for for my wife for two years have finally come through (and been backdated). And now this announcement from Obverse Books on the JadePagoda Doctor Who Books mailing list:

Following not terribly protracted negotiations with Lawrence Miles, Obverse will be taking over the Faction Paradox prose license in its entirety from 2012, as a result of which we’ll be publishing this lot next year…


Against Nature – Lawrence Burton
“*Goralschai, a first wave veteran of the House Military, returns from the front bearing a death wish the size of creation. The spiral politic, he decides, cannot continue, and on Earth, in the Mexico of 1506, he finds a means to his twisted end; and so, egged on by the Celestis (who find this sort of thing amusing), he lays plans to turn one small corner of history into a weapon*.”

The Brakespeare Voyage – Simon Bucher-Jones and Jon Dennis
“*The Maw, a wound in the fabric of the universe, forms. House Lineacrux claims to have constructed it, but this may be a lie. To exploit it House Lineacrux creates two ships with the intention of harvesting Leviathan biodata from outside the totality of the Spiral politic. The first the San Grael is a scout the second, the Brakespeare…*”


The Moontree Women – Kelly Hale
“*Some people have timelines in their palms instead of lifelines..*.”

Opus Majus – Jim Mortimore
*”In 1267 the Fransiscan monk Roger Bacon made such a fuss about the
innacuracies of the calendar that Pope Clement IV ordered he be sent on a quest to find the missing time. This ridiculous but hardly refusable mission is something of a problem for Bacon – but an even greater problem for Faction Paradox.*”

*Short Stories*

Faction Paradox 2: The As Yet Untitled Collection – editor, Jay Eales…

Available either as hardbacks individually or a subscription or something
else entirely…

And that’s on top of the previously-announced City Of The Saved short-story collection. I will, of course, be buying every one of these. Simon Bucher-Jones and Lawrence Burton are both friends of mine, but they’re also both extremely good writers, and the rest are all good too. This is very, very exciting. Obverse are an excellent publishing house anyway, putting out good-quality hardbacks and DRM-free epubs of their books.

(Proper update later – spent the last couple of days travelling, and am now staying with my in-laws).

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