Psoriasis Tip

Had to blog this in case any of my readers suffer from this.

My psoriasis has been, for the last few months (since my stress became so bad I had to take time off work) almost unbearable. I’ve actually wished at times that my leg (where the worst part is) would be amputated so I wouldn’t have to bear the pain from it – I would gladly trade mobility problems for that level of discomfort.

Last night I was having a particularly bad night, and the various creams and nostrums I normally use were having no effect, so I thought “fuck it” and smeared honey (which my wife said had helped her friend’s eczema) on the worst part, and then for good measure I rubbed some liquid vitamin E in, because that had helped me with sunburn in the past.

I just looked at my leg, and the patch of psoriasis this was applied to has gone down to half its size. You can still see where it was – the skin is thinner and pinker – but there are no scales, no inflammation, no bleeding, nothing.

Of course, there’s no control me to compare this to, but the effect size is so drastic that I’m convinced this is a real medical effect. I don’t know whether it was the honey, the vitamin E or both, but I’ve *never* seen anything have so dramatic an effect on my skin problems. If you have psoriasis or eczema, I’d give it a try (if nothing else, there’s nothing in either honey or vitamin E that can do it any harm).

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  1. ooh! thanks for this – my psoriasis hasn’t been so bad lately (because i think somewhere i made the mental decision to indulge in comfort eating rather than the usual leg scratching/ bleeding shenanigans…not sure if that’s a good thing or not) but my sister’s partner is having VERY bad issues at the moment… i’ll pass it on

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