Linkblogging for 08/12/11

I returned to work this week after some time off ill, so posting has been slow, but I’m going to try to get the next Doctor Watson up tomorrow and another Doctor Who post for the Mindless Ones up over the weekend, at the very least.

Before I post links, I just want to say how sad I was to hear of the death of the great Jerry Robinson, the artist who created Robin and The Joker. Robinson was not only one of the best cartoonists in comics of his generation, he was also a great fighter for creators’ rights in the comic industry.

Leonard Pierce on poverty, in his own experience and in George Orwell’s

A great Alan Moore interview, on the publishing industry and the Occupy movement

Millennium Elephant on why we shouldn’t have a Tobin Tax.

Kate Beaton does Wonder Woman

Phil Purser-Hallard announces a collection of stories set in the City Of The Saved

Debi Linton is doing something I asked her to do quite a while back (and I think others have, as well), posting about her take on Buddhism. I find this fascinating because Debi is one of the wisest people I know, and has become much more so since she started practicing Buddhism. Part one, two, three.

And a nice post on the difficulties in communication between neurotypicals and people on the autistic spectrum.

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