Kindle formatting errors fixed – Beach Boys and Monkees books

As I mentioned before, I’m putting excerpts of my music books up as loss-leaders on Amazon, as a Classic Albums series of ~10,000 word 99-cent books (the first three will be up tonight).
While I was preparing this, I noticed formatting errors in the Kindle versions of the Beach Boys and Monkees books – in the Beach Boys book, all the flat signs had become question marks, and in the Monkees book, most of the text about the first album was showing as a hyperlink. I’ve now deleted the hyperlink and replaced the relevant question marks with the word ‘flat’. Both new versions should go live tonight.
I don’t know yet if this problem affects the epub versions on Smashwords, but I don’t have time to brave Smashwords’ Byzantine approvals process until at least a week on Sunday, so I’ll fix them then if necessary.
I believe all customers should be able to download the fixed versions free of charge.

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