Linkblogging For 23/11/11

Apologies for the absence of the last few days – computer problems have made it necessary. I do, though, now have a semi-working computer thanks to my sister (sound card’s not working, probably because I moved the hard drive over from my old machine so it thinks I’m using the old sound card – a clean reinstall of Debian should probably fix that). Assuming the reinstall goes well, I should have a Doctor Who post up on Mindless Ones later this evening, but in case I don’t, some links…

Alex on Pyramids Of Mars

Ben Goertzel on why time appears to move forwards

Gavin on She-Ra, sparkly princess of girliness

Another wonderful piece by Philip Purser-Hallard on his recent loss of faith

A great interview with Tim Farron, probably the best summation of Lib Dem views on the coalition I’ve read.

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