Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Just got back from Thought Bubble, so this is a quickie. Full write-up of Thought Bubble will be appearing on Mindless Ones in the next day or two.

Today is the international Transgender Day Of Remembrance, when people remember the many trans people who are killed or otherwise die prematurely.
I don’t want to say too much here, because I am very, very fortunate in that my many trans friends (who I won’t name here because I don’t know how out people are, but I do have a lot) are all at the moment alive and well, and so I don’t want to intrude on others’ grief.
What I will say though is that while it remains the case that trans people (especially trans women, sex workers and people of colour [is that the currently-acceptable phrasing? I’m really never sure of language sensitivities]) are at least ten times as likely as cis people to be murdered (and the rates of attempted and completed suicide correspondingly high as well), it is incumbent on the rest of us to do everything we can to rid the world of prejudice against trans people. So the least I can do (quite literally) is acknowledge the day.

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