Linkblogging For 14/11/11

First up, I’ll probably not have a proper post up today – my anxiety/stress/blood-pressure problems, which had been getting better for a few weeks, came back with a vengeance on Thursday/Friday (I’ve got a fairly trivial thing I need to do at work, but I’ve been unable to get it done, I’m hoping to get it done tonight, but my stress about it has been completely out of all proportion to its actual importance. I’m still not well, is the long and short of it). My hands are shaking too much to type properly, so getting a 1000-word post up is not likely.

So here’s some links:

Faction Paradox: A Romance In 12 Parts is now available as an ebook. It’s an ePub and I think DRM-free. I’d still recommend the hardcopy instead, which is a nice object and lets you view my friend Lawrence Burton’s great cover art in full detail, but the ePub is cheaper.

A list of online epub converters
. Might be useful for those who can’t install Calibre for whatever reason (though I’m still hoping LyX will gain an ‘export to ePub’ feature).

Self-publishing doesn’t mean you have to be a raging fuck-wad. Sums up some of the problems I have with Konrath, Eisler et al and the “be the monkey” rape-or-be-raped macho crap that they mix in with some good advice.

Something that looks almost too good to be true
– a company making portable, reusable water-filters that make drinking water safe, giving them away for free in Kenya. This then means that Kenyans don’t have to boil their water, which cuts down their carbon footprint, and the government then pays for the water-filters in the carbon credits they no longer need. Unless there’s some nastiness in the small print, that’s a genuinely great idea, and one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen.

Alex on the 1966 Batman TV series

David Brin on Frank Miller, Occupy Wall Street and Sparta

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  1. prankster36 says:

    While needless to say I agree with Brin, this seems like “Lighting a furnace to burn a hair”. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what to expect from Frank Miller at this point, no one takes him seriously outside his indoctrinated fanbase, and there isn’t anything resembling an argument in his rant. No one’s going to read that and say “Gosh, he’s right, the protesters really should go back to playing Lord of Warcraft!” I’m not sure why Brin even feels the need to post that. Miller’s probably best ignored at this point.

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