Quick Question about Thought Bubble Convention

I’m going to be attending the Thought Bubble Comic Convention on the 19th and 20th – as an exhibitor. I, along with The Beast Must Die and Illogical Volume, will be representing The Mindless Ones on a stall, where we’ll be selling TBMD’s comics and my books, and where you can touch Illogical Volume’s head.
The question is, how many books should I bring along? I’ll be selling Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! and An Incomprehensible Condition, and I’m going to be ordering the copies to sell today. Obviously, every copy I don’t sell costs me money and takes up space in my house, so I don’t want to order vastly more than I can sell. I’ll need to sell six to break even on my part of the cost of the table, but I’ve no idea if I’ll even sell that – on the other hand, there might be huge demand.

Any ideas on a rough number I should order? Anyone else going to Thought Bubble?

(Proper update later today – I plan to get a short story up tonight if I can finish it, a Doctor Who post up tomorrow, a Beach Boys post on Monday, and something about Cerebus up early next week)

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4 Responses to Quick Question about Thought Bubble Convention

  1. If we do this again, I’ve really got to get something together to sell – not that I’m not looking forward to having my head touched, mind!

  2. Chris Browning says:

    i’ll more than likely see you there then!

  3. Emily says:

    I think whether you plan to do more than one of these events is also a factor. If you bring more books than you sell, you can sell them at the next one (since they don’t go off or out of date!) and build up an idea of what quantities you need.

  4. Dave Page says:

    One suggestion might be to take order forms – if you run out of stock, people can give you money, and you can take their address details, and send them a copy when you get back.

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