Linkblogging For 02/11/11

First, a quick apology – I’ve been too unwell to check my email since Monday, so I owe a few people emails. I’ll try to reply soon. (Also, Diaspora’s playing up for me and not letting me post).

Those who like my linkblogs might want to know that I’m currently, while waiting for a Google Reader replacement, bookmarking stuff on delicious. I’m saving a lot more stuff there than I link here, and my old Google Reader rule applies – I don’t endorse most of it, it’s as likely to be something I found infuriatingly wrong as something I find correct.

Anyway, here’s some of the things I’ve saved there that people might be interested in:

Leonard Pierce has a new book out. Leonard’s one of the finest writers out there, and one of the few editors ever to ask me to write anything, so you should buy this.

In other book news, The Book People have the six Doctor Who Target reissues as a pack for six quid. I got mine in the post today.

Part one of a ten-part Youtube series on Smile

Adam Curtis on Marcuse and Nigel Kneale

Why Occupy Wall Street is conservative

Tomorrow I’ll have some more content that isn’t about Smile.

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