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More Me At The Mindless ( @ThoughtbubbleUK recollections)

I’ve been quite ill for the last few days, hence the lack of proper updates, but I’ve contributed to another post at the Mindless Ones, this time Illogical Volume, The Beast Must Die and myself discuss what we did on … Continue reading

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Me At the Mindless Ones

I was one of the several members of the Faceless Mindless Collective who came up with questions for Marc Singer about his new book about Grant Morrison.

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According to the cyberneticist Stafford Beer the purpose of a system is what it does – we shouldn’t look at an organisation’s stated principles, but at its results. Applying this principle to politics, we can see that for my whole … Continue reading

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Is this a good idea?

I just had an idea for a way to promote my music books, and hopefully make a little money, but I want to know if it sounds too mercenary. I’m very, very wary of going from someone writing for pleasure … Continue reading

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The Beach Boys On CD: Sunflower

The band’s first album for Warner Brothers, and first of the 1970s, was the first – and in some ways the only – truly collaborative Beach Boys album. Originally put together as a contractual obligation album for Capitol under the … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 26/11/11

Proper post (or posts) tomorrow, but for now, links: Mark Pack on what the Lib Dems need to change about their messaging A rather disturbing piece by Illogical Volume over on Mindless Ones. Bruce Byfield on the difference between professional … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Post At Mindless Ones

I’ve written about An Unearthly Child over at the Mindless site, as part of a new series I’m doing for them covering one Who story per year for 1963 through 2012. I’ve written about this story before, of course, and … Continue reading

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