Monkees Book Now Out!

My Monkees book is now out!

Cover to Monkee Music

Hardback, paperback, Non-Kindle ebook formats, PDF

Kindle version will be up tomorrow here (US) and here (UK)

As always, I haven’t received my proof copies yet, so caveat emptor – but I’ve also never yet had a problem with the proofs.

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13 Responses to Monkees Book Now Out!

  1. TAD says:

    Did you ever review “Changes” and their 2 later reunion albums (“Pool It” and “Justus”)?

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I did, but they, the few tracks from Missing Links not covered elsewhere, and the reunion singles from 1986, are only covered in the book. Frankly, those reviews would make depressing reading as blog posts out of context.

      • TAD says:

        Yeah, the reunion albums are an uninspired epilogue, unfortunately.

        Looking forward to your “In the Key of Disney” review, which I assume is in the pipeline (at some point). From the handful of tracks I’ve heard, I like it, but the whole thing sounds a bit sterile too. He doesn’t leave any rough edges in his production anymore, unfortunately.

        • Andrew Hickey says:

          I won’t be reviewing the Disney album until after Christmas – Holly’s parents like to have easily-obtainable things to buy me for Christmas, and so that’s on my list. I’m not in a huge hurry to hear it, frankly, from what I’ve heard of snippets.

          On the other hand, my Smile box review will be up on Monday…

          • TAD says:

            You’ll be able to hear the Disney stuff easily on the internet soon. There’s already a few tracks on YouTube, for example.

            I won’t be buying the Smile box any time soon. It’s too expensive. And a whole CD devoted to the Good Vibrations sessions? No thanks.

            • Andrew Hickey says:

              I find that kind of thing fascinating, from an academic and musicianship perspective, though. Hearing the tracks broken down, how he worked on them, what the thought process was… it’s enormously helpful for my understanding of the work.

              I assume you’ll be getting the 2-CD version though?

              • TAD says:

                I’ll get it when I can afford it (the 2 CD version). Lost my job a couple months ago, and money is tight right now.

                • Andrew Hickey says:

                  Sorry to hear that (maybe you’d already said – I’ve not been good at remembering things about people recently, because I’ve been ill and self-obsessed). Hope things pick up soon…

              • TAD says:

                I can understand the appeal of the Good Vibrations sessions CD, for people who like to dissect that sort of thing. I’d be curious to hear the whole thing once, maybe, but for me it’s not worth all the extra money. If I was Mike Bloomberg (the billionaire mayor of New York City) and I had ridiculous amounts of cash to throw around, then sure. :P

  2. Alex says:

    Can’t wait to read it!

  3. borntorockandroll says:

    Congratulations, Andrew – it’s excellent! Your point about Neil Young on “You And I” both made me laugh and blew my mind. Great call!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Thank you!
      If you enjoyed it that much, would you mind posting a brief review on Amazon to that effect? Only if it’s not too much trouble. But either way, thanks both for buying it, for enjoying it and for letting me know.

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