Two quick notes re: Comments

Just a couple of things.
Firstly, you may have noticed that I’ve not been replying much to comments recently. This is because I’ve not been very well (I’m currently signed off work ill with various things including high blood pressure, chest problems, insomnia and severe headaches) and have enough energy to either write blog posts or to respond to comments, but not both. The comments I’ve been getting are appreciated, though, and those of you who commented on the first part of Bigger On The Outside can expect to see your comments addressed soon. I hope to be back up to normal health soon, and then I’ll be my normal conversational self.

Secondly, for some reason Gmail has decided that all the notifications I normally get when a comment is held for moderation are spam. Until its filter updates, that means that comments might be held for longer than normal, as they’ll have to wait until I actually check this site’s dashboard (which I do maybe once a day). Apologies for that, if you’ve got something fascinating but time-sensitive to say about one of my posts.

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2 Responses to Two quick notes re: Comments

  1. hilker says:

    If you create a filter in Gmail to apply a label to those notifications, that should keep them out of the spam folder.

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