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Google Reader alternative looks like it’s happening

Tonight’s the night that Google Reader (RIP) turns off all its social functions, and becomes useless. However, in the nick of time, someone’s started up a Free Software clone, Hivemined, which is currently in closed beta but which will be … Continue reading

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Liveblogging The Smile Sessions

I’m writing this introductory material on the night of the thirtieth of October. If all goes well, I should be receiving my copy of The Smile Sessions tomorrow morning, the thirty-first. I’m going to hit ‘post’ on this introductory section … Continue reading

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While waiting for Smile, some contemporary albums on Spotify

My Smile Sessions box set is in the post right now. It should be arriving tomorrow. If, like me, you are getting incredibly excited for this box set’s release tomorrow, here’s a dozen or so albums from 1966 through 1968 … Continue reading

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Note to the many, many people searching for “The Smile Sessions Leak”

You’re only getting here because the word ‘leak’ is in my blog’s title, as a sort of pun or play on words. This blog is not one that links to illegal copies of legally-available material, especially when that material is … Continue reading

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The First Time I Heard Smile

The first time I heard Smile I was seventeen. Just after Christmas, 1995. I’d got myself the Smiley Smile/Wild Honey twofer. I knew Smiley Smile had a bad reputation, but it was the album that came after Pet Sounds – … Continue reading

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Some Things You Need To Know About SMiLE

So, the Beach Boys’ SMiLE Sessions (as it’s now officially called, capitalisation and all) is now out. It’s not officially released until Monday (UK) and Tuesday (US), but people have seen it in shops, and some people have got their … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 25/10/11

Still working on the Bigger On The Outside post, trying to find the same kind of balance I found with An Incomprehensible Condition but dealing with the work of multiple people rather than a single author is difficult. In the … Continue reading

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