Linkblogging For 09/09/11

Those of you who are worried about my lack of posts, I’m planning on maybe two or three more weeks’ worth of overtime, at most, before my life gets back to normal and I start posting more regularly again. Even so, I’ll have a Monkees post up here tomorrow, and a Doctor Who one on the Mindless Ones on Sunday.

I’m also planning on writing about the NHS bill, but I’m waiting to see what the bill as amended by the Lords looks like before commenting (as well as waiting to be less exhausted so I can make sense). Short version, the bill as it stands now appears to be nowhere near as bad as its more hysterical critics claim, but is merely a continuation of the Blairite policies which have had such ‘success’ for the last fourteen years. Long version will have to wait.

Caron Lindsay writes about the impending execution of almost-certainly-innocent Troy Davis.

Leonard Pierce summarises the Republican candidates’ debate.

Alex Wilcock writes about Trial Of A Time Lord

Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, has died. Project Gutenberg is one of the very greatest achievements of the last thirty years.

And Elizabeth Bear on the Singularity

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