Linkblogging For 04/09/11

I’ll have some proper content up tomorrow – a Doctor Who post up at Mindless Ones, and a Monkees post. And I’ll be posting again properly within a couple of weeks. Thanks to those of you still reading this for bearing with me while I’m a zombie-like half-human from working every hour there is.

A nice article in the Observer about how current IT lessons are really just lessons in using Microsoft products, and some people’s plans to change that.

Shaun Woodward, the ex-Tory Labour MP, recently suggested that Labour might want to try being to the left of the Tories on issues like immigration or welfare. LabourList think that this is a daft idea and are thankful Milliband won’t do it. Worth reading for those of you who still think that Labour are anything other than an authoritarian right-wing party. In other Labour-are-bastards news, Labour No spent £192,000 on securing the no vote in the AV referendum, while David Blunkett wanted to rioters machine-gunned when he was Home Secretary.

Four of Lance Parkin’s BBC Doctor Who novels are now available as ebooks or print-on-demand. Parkin was always one of the most imaginative of the Who novelists, and I can especially recommend The Gallifrey Chronicles for those of you who enjoyed my book Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! (there was originally going to be a chapter in there on that, because it fits so well with the other works discussed).

Debi writes about children’s TV series Leonardo

A fascinating look at the insanity of how current copyright legislation affects sampling
, showing how because Alan Lomax collected a folk song in the 1930s, his relatives now get a share of the songwriting royalties for a Jay-Z song, because Jay-Z sampled a bit of a record that (in a different bit, not used by Jay-Z) sampled a Grand Funk Railroad song that… just read it.

Some beautiful, funny, paintings of an elderly superhero

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  1. Thanks for linking to my Jay-Z/Alan Lomax post, appreciated.

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