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Monkee Music: The Birds, The Bees And The Monkees

A revised and improved version of this essay appears in my book Monkee Music, available as paperback, hardback, PDF, Kindle (US), Kindle (UK) and ePub (all DRM-free). For this album, unlike any of the others under discussion, I’m afraid I … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 29/09/11

Monkees post tomorrow. One of the free stories on Greg Egan’s site, based around a debate between fictionalised versions of Alan Turing and C.S. Lewis The BMJ on the new Lib Dem drugs policy Speaking of Lewis, Andrew Rilstone is … Continue reading

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The Return Of The Pulps… And What I’m Going To Do About It

Earlier today, I was looking through the Webscriptions catalogue of ebooks. Webscriptions is both a great site and an annoying one. It sells DRM-free, multi-format science fiction ebooks – and it gives them away free to disabled readers. It sells … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: The God Complex at Mindless Ones

Where I mostly talk about Patrick Troughton, for some reason. (This is the first of these I’ve written without the aid of caffeine. I wonder if it shows.)

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DC Liveblogging Part Two

Today I’m going to go through the next batch of new number one issues from DC’s ‘new 52’. And like last time, I’m going to read each comic straight through once, then blog my immediate reaction, rather than a more … Continue reading

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Facebook ‘like’ feature removed from this blog

I’ve removed the Facebook sharing feature from my blog posts because of this. Incidentally, while I am on Facebook and G+, because I know people who I can only stay in contact with that way, I think it would be … Continue reading

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In Praise Of The Future

One of the things it’s very easy to do – and something I do a lot myself – is to romanticise scarcity. I used to be a record collector, because being a record collector and being a music lover were, … Continue reading

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