Linkblogging For 22/08/11

Blogging’s going to be light for a little while as I’m working overtime, but I can at least do linkblogs… I’ll have a Monkees post on Friday and I’m starting a series of reviews of the new series of Doctor Who on Mindless Ones on Saturday, and I’m going to *try* to write another short story this week, but other than that don’t expect much.

ATOS, the evil bastards who turn down people for ESA (disability benefits) by just lying (my wife was born blind but ‘has no difficulty seeing’ according to them. Bastards.) are shutting down websites that criticise them, making them doubly evil bastards.

Bob Temuka looks at Brendan McCarthy’s recent Dredd work.

My post about how Connie Willis’ Blackout/All Clear might be the worst book in history has been getting linked to a lot this week, as a result of what I can only conjecture is a mass delusion among the Hugo voters leading to her winning. Because of this, I’ve seen a lot of other posts about how bad that book is. Here’s one.

If the news media were a person…

And You Are Not So Smart on The Illusion Of Asymmetric Insight.

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  1. prankster36 says:

    I prefer Jon Stewart’s comparing the media to the dog in “Up.” SQUIRREL!!

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