Linkblogging For 21/08/11

Apologies for the lack of longer posts recently – I’ve been pretty much burned out. If you look back at my archives, I’m always rubbish in July and August. I’ll be back at full strength soon. In the meantime, links:

Jonathan at Liberal England asks “David Cameron: Is That All There Is?”

A conversation in the Guardian about whether new Doctor Who is actually any good
. I tend to agree with every word said by the great Chris Weston here, especially about the current lack of moral compass, even though I do think the current version of the show has some redeeming qualities.

Buckminster Fuller explains the theory of relativity in a telegram.

Two free Doctor Who audio stories from Big Finish – Cuddlesome and The Ratings War.

Bob Temuka on the Kirby decision

Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison discuss comics.

Wisse Words on the ‘sausage fest’ that is the Hooded Utilitarian best comics list.

And Rick Veitch has been putting up many of his old dream comics on his blog (typical example).

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3 Responses to Linkblogging For 21/08/11

  1. * subscribes to the big finish podcast *

    Thank you! That’ll keep me happy in the gym for a few days :)

  2. Andrew Hickey says:

    Yeah, mostly the podcast is Nick Briggs eating crisps, which is why I haven’t mentioned it before, but they’ve been doing the freebie stories they gave away with DWM recently, so it’s worth knowing about now.

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