Fragment of a story

Just found this while looking through some of the drafts of my fiction. I’ve got no idea where the story was going, but I quite like what there is of it…


It is unacceptable that in these politically correct times, we cannot even talk about the very real problems caused by mass birth, without being accused of being natalist. While this publication does not, of course, endorse the views of hate organisations like the Post-Natal Abortion League, we can no longer stand by while people continue to practice ‘medical’ skills like midwifery. Britain is overcrowded, and the medieval practices of ‘pr*gn*ncy’ and ‘giving birth’ need to end.
Daily Mail leader article, 20th June 2085

The car was parked outside the factory building, the four members of Action Against Anti-Natalists sat inside as the evening got darker.
“That’s the last of the workers gone, then?”
“Leave it another ten minutes, just in case there’s any stragglers left.”
“Now this is going to be your last chance to back out of this. If any of you are at all unsure about the righteousness of our cause, get out now while you can. Arthur, you still in?”
“I wouldn’t have spent the last three months building the equipment if I had any doubts, would I?”
“Yeah, I’m still in. It should be a laugh.”
“I’m hardly going to back down now, am I?”
“Good, because this is the most important moment of our lifetime, a chance for the trueborn to reclaim our birthright from the clones, a chance for us to strike the ultimate blow, a –”
“Yes, Martin?”
“This is a chance for you to shut your mouth and let us get on with the job.”

Crime And Birth: One of the most important issues facing the country today is that of the born. Many citizens feel that in these straitened economic times, it is unfair for the born to demand support from the State for eighteen years after their birth before they start work, while hard-working citizens are starting work from the day they’re produced. For that reason, and to combat the anti-natalist violence which is disrupting our inner cities, we have decided, reluctantly, to replace State support for the Born with a loan system. If we get elected, all costs incurred by the State for feeding, clothing, educating and housing the Born from their birth until the age of eighteen will be taken from them as a 50% tax on their earnings after that time, with interest accumulating at 10% above inflation. We believe that this is the only fair way to stop the Born being a burden on society.
Freedom Party manifesto, 2086 General Election

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