Linkblogging For 05/08/11

Why is it that when you take a week off from work you immediately become ten times as busy as normal?

Normal bloggery will resume next week, and I’m hoping PEP! 3 will be out at the end of next week.

Meanwhile, links.

Andrew Rilstone says all that needs to be said on the death penalty controversy. Well, really, all that needs to be said is “shut up you bloodthirsty barbarians”, but he goes into slightly more detail. I don’t comment enough on Rilstone’s blog, because generally I’d just say “yes, I agree”, but I do agree.

On This Deity (a blog I only discovered because of the Arthur Lee thing the other day, which looks at great-but-obscurish events that happened on particular days, usually people dying) on Mileva Maric, Einstein’s first wife who was apparently also his collaborator, but who got left out of the official story.

Two new books by self-publishers who I know can write. Chris Browning, who sometimes comments here and has been a friend of mine for years, has put out a novel. He says himself it’s a rough draft, but I bet it’s still interesting (and at 300,000 words it’s *LONG*). Meanwhile Steven Baxter, who used to be known as Anton Vowl and does two wonderful blogs (one on the media and one on depression) has put out a book of his blog posts. Please note, I’ve not yet read either of these (payday is tomorrow, so I can’t even order them til then), so I can’t comment on the quality of the finished books. But the writers are both superb.

A wonderful piece of writing by Leonard Pierce on what it’s like being an atheist but listening to the wonderful religious music of Claude Ely. One of the best pieces of music writing I’ve read in ages.

Also from Leonard, a short story that reads like a great folk tale, The Boy Who Was Death.

A six-part radio show on the Beach Boys, ripped to MP3

Hal Blaine is on Twitter, and acknowledged my existence!

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2 Responses to Linkblogging For 05/08/11

  1. gosh! thank you for the kind words – it is *very much* a first draft… the aim is i publish the second draft as periodicals in a sort of “boy’s own paper”/ frank richards manner (befitting the subject matter) and THEN finally get the proper edition finished after that. this is more to prove i can (almost) finish a novel… and for any interested parties. i can send you a pdf of it for free if you’re interested… it’s all plotted out just needs finishing but as you probably know, it’s not been the easiest few months…

    but thank you again! it means an awful lot…

  2. Andy Bolton says:

    To agree with something does not mean it is correct.

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