New Spotify Playlist: In Memoriam Arthur Lee

I’ve still got quite a bit of writer’s block, and am working on a book and on the Mindless Ones stuff, but didn’t want to let this anniversary pass unmarked.

Five years ago today, Arthur Lee died. I still find it nearly impossible to believe that. While I was never lucky enough to know him, I *was* lucky enough to see him perform live five times between 2002 and 2005, during the all-too-brief creative renaissance he had after his release from prison, when he was planning a new album and being celebrated in the House of Commons (Early Day Motion 1369 – “That this House pays tribute to the legendary Arthur Lee, also known as Arthurly, frontman and inspiration of Love, the world’s greatest rock band and creators of Forever Changes, the greatest album of all time; notes that following his release from jail he is currently touring Europe; and urges honourable and especially Right honourable Members to consider the potential benefit to their constituents if they were, with the indulgence of their whips, to lighten up and tune in to one of his forthcoming British gigs.”).

I’ve never seen anyone more *alive* than Lee was, and I still can’t really believe he’s dead. Even in the last year of his life, he had an astonishing, beautiful voice and was moving like a man half his age, as well as, of course, performing the wonderful songs he’d written.

Here’s a spotify playlist of some of my favourite things by Lee. I’ll try to find time in the next few days to go through it track-by-track, but it’s too hot for me to think right now, and I want to get this up today.

Listen to his song.

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2 Responses to New Spotify Playlist: In Memoriam Arthur Lee

  1. Gareth Epps says:

    Great taste, but nothing from Vindicator…? The great version of ‘Be Thankful For What You’ve Got’ from the otherwise disastrous Reel TO Real album is also pretty tasty.

    I’d have the whole first side of Da Capo too to be fair. I was lucky enough to see the great man live twice.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I was limited to an extent by what was available on Spotify – though I must admit it’s been about six years since I listened to anything post-Out Here…

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