More From Me On Mindless Ones

Here. I contribute about 1000 words (or about the length of one of my normal posts here) to part two of the LoEG annocommentations, mostly adding little bits about Aleister Crowley. Amypoodle, Bobsy and Zom all contribute far more (I was ill when we did this one).

For those wondering where I am, I’ve been working on these, having a rest (I’m off work), and also in the last few days I’ve churned out 90 pages of the book on the Monkees I’m doing (which I’m going to publish first and then serialise on the blog, rather than the other way round like my previous ones).

(That kind of thing always happens to me, incidentally – I work very, very hard on the Sci-Ence! or An Incomprehensible Condition type books, and then it’s like the part of my brain that does that kind of thing goes completely to sleep – it’s been like pulling teeth doing the LoEG annocoms, because I’m having to force that kind of writing, which normally comes naturally. But then I’m absolutely fluent with the totally different style I use for my music criticism. I’ve no idea if the Monkees book is any good or not, but it’s coming very fast right now, at least in first draft).

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