Coming Soon…

Apologies for the lack of content on here recently. I’ve been pretty burned out after completing An Incomprehensible Condition, I’ve had an important deadline for work, and the little writing I’ve been able to do last week has been put into the Mindless LoEG annocommentations (parts two, three and four of that are forthcoming, and will be great). I’ve not even had time to do the belated blog tour articles I owe, or to answer my email.

However, I’ve got a week off now, and I plan to use it on writing. So over the next nine days you can expect:
The resumption of my looks at William Hartnell’s Doctor Who stories. I’ll be starting from The Aztecs, but when I bookify them I’ll do a lot of rewriting on the five I’ve already looked at.
The first in a series of posts looking at the Monkees’ music (I’m leaving the second Beach Boys book until a firm date for the Smile Sessions box set is available, so I can incorporate that sensibly).
The remainder of my Hugo reviews
And my contributions to Mindless League annos. I’ve only contributed about 10% of the second annocommentation post, but I’ll be adding much more to parts three and four.
Meanwhile, remember that tomorrow the price for the Kindle version of Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! goes back to $5 from the 99 cents it’s currently at…

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