Me at the Mindless

I’ve chipped in a bit in part one of the Mindless Ones’ annocommentations for League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1969. Amypoodle and Zom do most of the heavy lifting, and I do the saying-the-obvious.

Spoilers all over the place, for the first twenty pages at least. But this was fun.

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5 Responses to Me at the Mindless

  1. Zom says:

    You’re contributions are great, Andrew! Don’t do yourself down

  2. Andrew Hickey says:

    Doing myself down’s what I do. I’m also just very impressed with what you and Poodle did.

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  4. Mike Taylor says:

    I can’t get excited about League any more. I thought the first one was fascinating, the second felt like a retread despite some memorable moments, and the third felt like a very minor story padded out to great length, with — yet again, Alan Moore! — a rape at the centre. Moore is a genius, no doubt, yet the more of his stuff I read, the less I like him.

  5. Mike Taylor says:

    (Pointless second comment so Blogger allows me to register for notification of new comments.)

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