Seven Soldiers Book – Epub, Palm etc versions

These are now up at Smashwords.

I accidentally uploaded a badly formatted version of the book to Amazon, so while you may be able to find a Kindle version on Amazon, please *DON’T* buy it unless and until I have posted a link on this site. The text is OK, but you may not be able to see the footnotes, and some pictures are wrong. I’ll be uploading a new version as soon as Amazon complete processing for the old one.

As always with my ebooks, I am unable to check that everything’s correctly working on all devices. Please contact me with any formatting problems, and assuming they’re fixable I will update the book. I’ve never had a formatting problem brought to my attention before, but this book has more images, more quotes, and some sections using non-Latin alphabets.

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2 Responses to Seven Soldiers Book – Epub, Palm etc versions

  1. Nick Turner says:

    Any news mate? I bought a copy a few days ago but have held off downloading it to my Kindle until a corrected version has been uploaded. Can’t wait – loved the Sci-Ence Justice Leak book!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Yeah, the corrected version went up a couple of days ago. I *did* post about it, but weirdly the post seems to have disappeared from the front page. Will repost.

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