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I’m off work ill at the moment, and while I’m feeling a little better today, I’m not well enough for a full post. I’m also away on Thursday night, so don’t expect much until Friday (when I’ll be reviewing the Beach Boys gig I’m going to on Thursday).

However, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get the Seven Soldiers book out by Saturday, when I’m starting the blog tour, and so to accompany it I’m starting a sale – my book Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!, which covers some of the same themes, will be available for only 99 cents on Kindle until the end of the month, after which it’ll be returning to its $5 price. The price in other formats will remain the same. It can be bought here (UK) and here (US). The price change may not have taken effect yet, but will do soon.

(Apologies to those who bought this full price, but I’m still feeling my way with this self-publishing thing, and trying different things out. I do think the book is worth at least $5 though…)

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  1. Emily says:

    I’ve read most of your Seven Soldier’s posts, despite never having read Seven Soldiers and I found all the strands you picked out fascinating. I also enjoyed Sci-ence! Justice Leak. However, I’ve got a couple of comments about them.

    In Sci-ence! Justice Leak! I know the general mythos of Batman or Superman so I could work out more for myself. I don’t know anything about Seven Soldiers which made it more difficult to follow.

    It would be useful to have a bit more of summary of what happens and who the characters are, for people who haven’t read Seven Soldiers. I found the section on Bulleteer really interesting but it made much more sense when I read the Wiki entry for her. I think a bit of background would make it more meaningful for people who haven’t read the comment or who read it years ago.

    The other comments was that without the comic to refer to, some of the sections felt a bit disjointed. It was difficult to tell why these things were related to the characters discussed. For example the section on authenticity in music was great but I’ve no idea who that links back to Seven Soldiers.

    These comments are meant as constructive feedback, so feel free to ignore if you disagree ;).

  2. TAD says:

    Mike Love has sounded pretty rough in the live clips I’ve seen recently. I have a feeling he’ll be retiring soon….he really struggles to sing even half-decently these days.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Yeah, the YouTube clips of him performing this year have been pretty abysmal, but he was actually *fantastic* on Friday.
      I actually suspect he’ll never retire – we were talking about how he’ll probably die on stage – he’s been doing 200+ shows a year for fifty years, retirement would probably kill him.

      • TAD says:

        As long as he’s singing decently, I suspect you’re probably right…..he would never retire. You must have seen him on a very good day. Pretty much all the recent clips I’ve seen of him, he’s struggled mightily. The backing band always sounds fantastic, though.

        Looking forward to your review of the Beach Boys show.

        • Andrew Hickey says:

          Yeah, in recent years he’s been a far patchier singer than he used to be. He’s still usually pretty good in his lower range – something like Kokomo he’s usually fine on, or the bass part on Don’t Worry Baby – but when you get him onto California Girls or Fun Fun Fun he sounds abysmal.
          But on Friday he was really good throughout. Sounding a little weak at times, and they use quite a lot of reverb on his voice, but he was singing far better than he did on, say, the Dancing With The Stars performance or the Reagan tribute.

          • TAD says:

            At the Reagan, he looked like he was in pain when he was singing stuff like California Girls. You could see him whincing as he was singing. I felt bad for him. I agree he’s more comfortable singing in his lower Kokomo voice, and I’m sure his bass vocals are still pretty good.

            If you have time, try to post the setlist for the show you saw. Their UK setlists are always much more ambitious than their US setlists. I know Bruce likes to play Disney Girls, when he’s in the UK. Assuming his keyboard was plugged in….

            Did you ever see a lamer crowd, than at the Reagan tribute?

            • Andrew Hickey says:

              The set was actually pretty much the same as their US shows. Because they were only doing one UK gig – and it was an after-the-racing thing rather than a proper gig on their own – they only did thirty songs, rather than the fifty or so they do if they’re doing a UK tour. Other than Heroes & Villains with the Bicycle Rider chorus, you could probably predict the set yourself.
              I’m going to try to get a review done in a few hours, but I’m very busy with proofreading, so it might be tomorrow.

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