Brief Announcement

I’m off work ill today, but have the last of the Seven Soldiers posts scheduled to auto-post tonight. Don’t expect me to reply to comments on it though.
I’ve crawled out of my sickbed for long enough, though, to announce that it will be the last comics post on this site for the foreseeable future. That’s because I’ve been asked to write for The Mindless Ones, and have agreed.
All the other stuff I write (politics, Doctor Who, Beach Boys, random book reviews etc) will be remaining here, and I’ll post a link to everything I do for them on here, but (apart from the piece I’ve agreed to write for Thagomizer later this week) all future comics posts will be over there.
And now to crawl back to the sickbed, assuming I’m capable of that much motion.

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6 Responses to Brief Announcement

  1. Quint says:

    Hope you get well soon. But great news on the writing gigs for The Mindless Ones and Thagomizer, congratulations. Looking forward to it all.

  2. Oh, how exciting! And long overdue. Congratulations!

  3. plok says:

    I dunno what a Thagomizer is…?

    Great news on forthcoming Mindlessness! Diversification is always good. I’ll look forward to that!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      It’s my friend Debi’s blog.
      I owe you many emails. I’ll send them once my head works.

      • plok says:

        I’m gonna send you another one soon! Asking for expert computer advice! So there’s something to look forward to…

  4. plok says:

    Oh, I’m an idiot…of course I know what a Thagomizer is…

    That’s great news too!

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