Linkblogging and progress for 29/06/11

I’m too migrainey today to finish the Mister Miracle post for Seven Soldiers (though those new readers who are waiting can always read this, which is an earlier post I wrote on the same series). The plan is that I’ll get that up and posted tomorrow or Friday and the final part in the series done before Sunday, when I’ll also get proof copies of the book version to my beta-readers Illogical Volume, Original Eyeball, Plok and Holly. The book will have a cover, an introduction, an index, and a short appendix explaining about Alan Moore and Jack Kirby for people who don’t know who they are, but will otherwise be pretty much identical to the essays as published here. The book should be out on Saturday of next week.

To celebrate its release, I start my six-day blog tour on Saturday July 9 (not the middle of next week as originally planned), visiting:
Saturday – Deep Space Transmissions, who has interviewed me about Grant Morrison.
Sunday – Gavin Robinson who has interviewed me about self-publishing.
Monday – Plok, who will be interviewing me about something or other.
Tuesday Liberal England, where I’ll be doing a guest post about The Monkees
Wednesday Thagomizer where I’ll be doing a ‘beginner’s guide to comics’ post.
And Thursday The Mindless Ones who will be doing… something… with me.

Anyway, enough about me, here’s some links.

The Mindless Ones interview Grant Morrison!

Autistic people don’t have magical super-vision shocker.

Slacktivist on credit scoring

Charles Stross on the Bomb as obsolete existential threat

Plok on the future of SF now we’re living in the future

And Millennium Dome on the fallacy of the false dichotomy

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