Linkblogging For 17/06/11

I’ll be posting the next Seven Soldiers piece (on Frankenstein) tomorrow – and a Beach Boys piece on Sunday. I’ve also managed to rearrange some stuff at work, so I’ll be much less tired from now on, and much more able to write, so expect the pace to pick up a bit. Meanwhile, some links.

I was at the Fantastic Film Weekend last weekend, and was lucky enough to meet Jonathan Miller when he stepped out into the naughty corner with the smokers (I don’t smoke but was with a friend who does). One of the many highlights for me was the showing of Miller’s The Drinking Party, an adaptation of Plato’s Symposium, which I was planning to write about. However Penny (who is a proper classicist) makes most of the same points I was planning to make here. The only thing I’d add is that it shows just what a marvelous event FFW is when the two big events were talks with Doctor Sir Jonathan Miller, talking about the influence of Wittgenstein, and of Dennett’s ideas about the nonexistence of qualia, on his work, and Peter Sasdy talking about directing Hands Of The Ripper and Countess Dracula. I wouldn’t have missed either for the world.

The Monkees’ FBI file
, talking about their dangerous left-wing subversion.

Amypoodle on The Invisibles.

Ask A Physicist on the vacuum catastrophe

When threat models collide – how DRM and 3D are making for a worse experience for people going to the cinema to see 2D films.

And an explanation of an important experiment last year which closed many of the loopholes which would allow hidden-variable quantum interpretations.

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4 Responses to Linkblogging For 17/06/11

  1. Penny (who is a proper classicist)

    *grin* I’m glad you enjoyed The Drinking Party, too. I’ve been enthusing about it today to my colleague, Liz Pender, who is not just a Classicist but actually a Platonist, and really liked the sound of it. She said it would be really useful for helping students to understand how the dialogue would have worked as a spoken text, and also to recognise the cultural gulf between us and the 1960s – let alone the fourth century BC. She certainly wants to see it, and was talking about doing things like arranging a screening of it at the Media Museum for her students. I would certainly love to hear her (much more expert) take on it anyway.

  2. Chris Browning says:

    i’d have loved to have gone, but it didn’t seem quite right considering the timing apropos moving and my dad… maybe next year…

    • Yeah, under the circumstances I wasn’t expecting to see you there. I hope there *is* a next year (every year we hear rumours that it’s not going ahead). I also hope you’re doing OK…

      • Chris Browning says:

        yeah i’m… getting there. finding it harder the further away the funeral is actually. glad to have moving to distract me though. shall have to find a time this summer for you and me and gavin to meet up…

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