Linkblogging For 06/06/11

Am actually off work ill with headache/bad chest today so don’t expect anything substantial today (including replies to comments, I’m afraid). Have some links instead.

A libertarian communist site’s obituary for Grant Morrison’s father, focussing on his radical political activities.
Essential reading for those who wonder why Morrison has so many father figures in his work, or for those who like reading about truly inspirational figures.

Caron is rather politer about Vince Cable’s utterly wrongheaded speech today than I would be, but gets the point across.

Jennie makes several short points about the intersections between liberalism and class

Interesting piece on Punjabi-Mexican pioneers in California in the early 20th century.

Stewart Lee and Alan Moore find the historical evidence that Winston Churchill was a pig:

James Graham, who’s thankfully got back to blogging after the end of the Yes campaign, on why David Steel is wrong on the Lords.

Gavin B on this weekend’s Who

Sarah Brown on why she’s not going to the Lib Dem conference

And for those who missed it over the weekend, I’ve put up four of the short stories I’ve posted here in the past (all available through the ‘fiction’ tab above) as a 99 cent Kindle chapbook. UK version, US version.

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  1. Tilt Araiza says:

    I’ll have to print that Mexican-Punjabi thing off and show it to my father-in-law. I think some of them worked their way into the family tree.


    (From the same site ‘ ‘Top universities a ‘breeding ground’ for Tories, warn Islamic groups’)

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