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Linkblogging and progress for 29/06/11

I’m too migrainey today to finish the Mister Miracle post for Seven Soldiers (though those new readers who are waiting can always read this, which is an earlier post I wrote on the same series). The plan is that I’ll … Continue reading

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Hello, New People!

Well, Bleeding Cool is certainly popular, isn’t it? Just want to let the hundreds of you who’ve clicked through from there know that you’re very welcome here, that the Seven Soldiers posts will be becoming a book soon, that there’ll … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 27/06/11

Too hot to write. Somebody turn the heating off in the big blue room, please? And dim the light while you’re at it. Mister Miracle tomorrow if I don’t boil to death in my own sweat. Links. Colin Smith on … Continue reading

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8: Bulleteer

This essay appears in a revised form in my book An Incomprehensible Condition: An Unauthorised Guide To Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers. Paperback, Hardback, Kindle (US), Kindle (UK), other ebook formats We’re heading into the home stretch now, so hold tight. … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 23/06/11

First, a little self-promotion – I have a new, low-traffic Twitter account devoted only to my books, and Amazon pages in the US and the UK Jonathan at Liberal England sparked an interesting debate last week about the differences between … Continue reading

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This has been going round the Lib Dem blogosphere

But only because it’s so great. And since I am too headachey to write tonight, I too will reproduce Paddy Ashdown’s wonderful speech on Lords reform in full. This kind of thing is why, despite everything, I still feel at … Continue reading

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Blog Tour?

This will sound both daft and egocentric in the extreme, but would anyone like to interview me? I’ll explain. I’m hoping to get the Seven Soldiers book finished this weekend, and get it published within a week or so of … Continue reading

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