Linkblogging For 25/05/11

First, I want to apologise for being more or less offline for the best part of a month now. I’ve got a massive project at work which has eaten up a *lot* of my time. I’ve got 3000 words of the next 7S post done, and just need to flesh that out, but I’m not going to guarantee when it’ll be. I’m also going to update the Monkees post with the images that were sent me, and review the Van Dyke Parks and Blake Jones gigs I’ve attended, but again am unsure of exactly when. Apologies to everyone to whom I owe emails.

Secondly, if you read this in the next three hours and live in Manchester, get to the Tiger Lounge, where you will see the gig of the year from Blake Jones and the Trike Shop. Trust me on this.

And now, links:

The Hugo Voter Packet is out. This is a set of DRM-free ebooks of everything up for an award in this year’s Hugo’s – novels, short story collections, magazines, non-fiction works and graphic novels. You get it free, but you have to be a registered voter for the Hugo awards, which costs a minimum of $50 US. The novels alone would cost $46 though, bought as ebooks, and that would be with DRM.

Big Finish are having a series of five one-day sales, during each of which they will drop the prices of ten of their first fifty main range Doctor Who stories to £5 for a double CD. Of the ones they’re offering, I’d particularly recommend The Holy Terror, Jubilee, Doctor Who And The Pirates, The Marian Conspiracy, Spare Parts, Davros and Omega.

A letter from Ken Kesey about criticisms of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’s accuracy

Millennium Dome reviews Saturday’s Doctor Who

The lineup for this year’s Fantastic Films Weekend is up. It looks relatively more cerebral than the last couple of years – but that ‘relatively’ is doing a lot of work for a festival that starts with Bloodbath At The House Of Death and ends with Re-Animator.

A free textbook on statistics from a Bayesian perspective.

Toby Hadoke on the BAFTAs not commemorating Nicholas Courtney

Leonard Sussking and Raphael Busso argue that certain formulations of a cosmological multiverse (a Tegmark level 2 multiverse) are equivalent to certain formulations of the quantum ‘many worlds’ interpretation (the Tegmark level 3 multiverse).

Lawrence Burton shares a rather lovely 1980 interview with Clifford Simak

Cancer medication *appears* to slightly shorten lifespan compared to not getting treated

Jennie on the constitutional position of judges in the UK

And Solution-Focused Politics suggests that the Lib Dems should reach out to the Co-Operative Party
(who have been described, fairly accurately, as having Lib Dem policies in their manifesto but voting for Labour policies in Parliament).

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