Linkblogging For 10/05/11

I was hoping to get back to proper blogging today, but after three hours’ writing have only produced 400 words. I’m still burned out by the election, but will finish the Seven Soldiers stuff, as well as doing a “What next for the Lib Dems?” post, as soon as possible. I’ve NOT left the 7S stuff, but my mental and physical health have required me not to push myself too much this week (I am going to the doctor tomorrow with something which I am constantly flipping between thinking is hypochondria and being certain is early-onset arthritis, and I’m still fragile from the election).

Hazel at FreakyTrigger thinks it will be a tragedy if Waterstones has to close down
. I agree. The ebook ‘revolution’, which has the potential to be hugely empowering both to authors and to readers, looks scarily like it’s going to lead us all into a world where a very small number of corporations have a monopoly on the dissemination of information.

Millennium says Lib Dems must earn back the trust of students
and reviews Saturday’s Doctor Who.

Mike Taylor also reviews the same episode

(My own review of Saturday’s NuWho – there was nothing egregiously bad about it apart from the sexism and the bad CPR and the continuity errors (of the scene-to-scene continuity rather than “but that’s not what it said in episode three of the Krotons!”). I’ve forgotten it already, though).

Leonard Pierce brings us Post-Structuralist Foto Funnies!

Alex Wilcock talks about The Hand Of Fear, which was re-shown on TV this week

Shtetl-Optimised critiques a New Yorker piece on quantum computer scientist David Deutsch

The Aporetic looks at Eagleflags

Jennie is thinking about options for Lib Dem policy on employment rights. I like her line of thinking *a lot*.

The Mindless Ones on Grant Morrison’s Joker
and an old Batman annual

And both Lady Mark and Lord Bonkers (or at least his Lordship’s representative Jonathan Calder) have some extremely good points about the mistakes the Lib Dems have been making and what we can do about them.

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