I am the world’s biggest idiot.

I just tried to delete, from my ebook reader, the music directory, so I could put some different music on it.
I typed, as root, rm -rf /media/disk/Music
I now have no MP3s by any artists beginning A-Bea . ‘Luckily’ the Beach Boys directory was so huge that it was the last thing to be destroyed before I noticed my mistake. *ACTUALLY* luckily, I’ve got most of the bootlegs backed up, and anything legit by the BBs I’ve got on CD and/or vinyl (and is spotifiable).
But that’s how tired I am.

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3 Responses to I am the world’s biggest idiot.

  1. I assume that there’s no equivalent of the Recycle Bin here?

    • Nope. rm -rf does exactly what it looks like – *r*e*m*ove, *r*ecursively, *f*orcibly.
      Lucky I have most of it backed up. Shame about the rest.

  2. Nick Turner says:

    Ah, the wonderful rm -rf command. It takes me back to my Unix Admin days where I used to use it with gay abandon.

    Until that day I deleted a rather significant chunk of a certain organisations archives. Oops.

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