Linkblogging For 02/05/11

I presume everyone has guessed by now that I’m not going to finish the next five posts in the Seven Soldiers series by last Wednesday. I’m still going to try to get the book finished ASAP, but maybe trying to get it done in two weeks wasn’t the best idea when we had a visitor from the US for a week and a half, I was finishing a major project at work, and we were in the middle of the most important political campaign of my lifetime, and I was finishing up another book. And putting together an issue of PEP! Also the dog ate my homework. The next part will be up tomorrow, anyway.

In the meantime a few links:

The Aporetic talks about the similarities between Libertarians, Marxists and Fundamentalists.

Various people have been talking about Saturday’s Doctor Who – Millennium sums up most, but not all, of the problems with it. Meanwhile his Daddy Alex tells you why you should vote Yes on Thursday.

Gavin R also tells you why you should vote Yes on Thursday.

DJM4 also tells you why you should vote Yes on Thursday

Jennie talks about Cameron’s sexism

And finally, I thought I’d linked these before, but don’t appear to have – Andrew Rilstone’s great series of posts on why you should vote Yes on Thursday. Once you’ve read those, you should read the dozen or so posts he’s done since then, on folk music and the Bristol riots, all of which are also excellent.

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  1. Prankster says:

    I honestly and truly do not get the complaints that the Doctor committed genocide in this episode. Absolutely no one has to die because of what the Doctor did here–I think his goal was as simple as making sure the Silence get out of the human race’s way. Or, at worst, a leveling of the playing field.

    We have a race that’s been manipulating human civilization since it came into existence, for as-yet unknown ends–but whatever they are, the Silence seems to agree that they’re not at all beneficial to the human race. Not only can you not fight or resist them, you can’t even look at them without possibly getting subliminal messages implanted in your head. It’s one of the most horrific oppressions imaginable.

    What the Doctor’s done is use their own methods, and their own *words,* to transmit information to everyone who needed to hear it. OK, there’s an element of compulsion, but there’s an element of compulsion about everything the Silence do, and since they’re literally being hoist by their own petard here, I can’t see how this is unfair or cruel. All the Silence need to do to avoid getting shot is to back off–it’s not like the human race is going to form hunting parties to track them down. And that’s, of course, notwithstanding the many other means the Silence presumably have at their disposal to fight back, beginning with another subliminal broadcast to counteract the first. (There may be plenty of ways this wouldn’t work, but my point is the Silence did not suddenly become helpless victims after the broadcast.) Indeed, since the Silence are almost certainly returning, you could make the argument that the Doctor’s solution is far too temporary a fix.

    • I was more bothered by the whole plan seemingly revolving around a Silence making a chance remark.

      (Supposing he’d chosen to say “oh shove it up your arse!”)

      • Andrew Hickey says:

        For which see Lawrence Miles . There’s also the point that those ‘dwarf star alloy’ blocks would weigh, at a conservative estimate, 2.8*10^15kg, yet people were moving them around with their hands.
        The whole thing was just a complete mess, the first time that can really be said since Moffatt took over.

        • I am still hoping it was a kind of formal error, Moffat couldn’t find a way of framing a two-part finale in with an ongoing storyline so just threw a whole load of stuff at us instead. You could read it either way, though, so I may be just fannishly seeing the glass as half-full.

          For us in the cheap seats, “2.8*10^15kg” translates as “you’d probably get a mate to help you if you were carrying it far”?

          • Andrew Hickey says:

            2.8*10^15kg translates as 2.8 trillion tonnes (that’s heavy, metric tonnes, not the comparatively lightweight imperial tons), so yeah, you’d probably need some help.

      • Prankster says:

        Well, I sort of got the impression that Canton had been there chatting with the Silent for a while until he got what he needed–he was still there several scenes later. And if the Silent had said something like “You don’t understand, we’re doing something very important and helpful!” clearly it would have been time for a new plan…

        The part that I had trouble with was ditching the cliffhanger almost entirely. It was pretty ballsy but also extremely confusing, and didn’t seem to make a lot of sense in retrospect. I suppose the child wasn’t much of a threat (if I’ve got this correctly, the child had escaped from the orphanage, and the Doctor led the Silence right to her–oops) but it would have been nice to know exactly how the Doctor was able to make a real plan to fight the Silence. About the only explanation we got was Amy’s cellphone image.

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