New Book – The Beach Boys On CD vol 1: 1961 – 1969 and Lulu Sale

My new book is now out from . As always, I’ve not yet received a proof copy, so caveat emptor for a couple of days. Ebook versions will be available from Amazon (Kindle) and Smashwords (ePub) from tomorrow night. I’ll update the ‘my books’ page then. The PDF version is currently available from Lulu.


The Beach Boys On CD vol 1 cover, by Mapcase Of Anaheim

Between 1961 and 1969 the Beach Boys made nineteen albums, including some of the best music ever recorded – and some not so good.
In this book, Andrew Hickey looks at this music track by track, analysing every song that Brian, Carl, Dennis, Mike, Al, Bruce and David recorded and released during that time period.
From early surf and car classics like 409 to sophisticated masterpieces like Time To Get Alone, in this book you’ll learn how they were recorded, why they work the way they do, and which albums to buy if you want to hear a great band at their best.

, paperback.

As always, if you buy this book and enjoy it, PLEASE tell your friends. I’m not a big publisher and have literally no marketing budget – the only way anyone will get to hear about this is if you tell people.

Coincidentally, just as I was about to click publish here, Lulu have announced that for the next five days you can get 20% off any order (up to a maximum saving of £250) by entering the code HOPUK305 at checkout. So why not try some of my other books, or those by Andrew Rilstone, Simon Bucher-Jones, Lawrence Burton or my uncle?

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