Linkblogging For 07/04/11

Cerebus post tomorrow, Beach Boys and How We Know What We Know on the weekend. Links now.

The Onion AV Club has a rather wonderful beginner’s guide to sunshine pop, including a youtube playlist. Nothing that those of you who like the genre won’t know, but for those who want to know what I’m blithering about when I talk about Curt Boettcher, The Yellow Balloon or Sandy Salisbury. It’s a bit LA-centric (I would have included something by the Zombies, or some of the many fantastic British acts on the Ripples CDs) – in fact, I’d say it’s a bit mates-of-Gary-Usher-centric, more precisely – but it’s still very good.

Heresy Corner asks if the ‘gay caveman’ was gay or a caveman

‘Aunty Sarah’, a transsexual Lib Dem blogger, sometimes gets bothered by strange men with a fetish for transsexuals while online. She posts the ensuing chats to her blog.

How to build a multiverse

Those allegations about racism in Yes To AV leaflets were, it turns out, completely wrong

Chris Dillow wonders if the left should be looking places other than the state for answers

And Zom looks at Frank Miller and Lyn Varley’s version of the Joker

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