And on a different note…

I’ve been busy lately. As well as this blog (and the books I’m hoping will come out of the essays from it – the first of three Beach Boys books will be out some time this month), I’ve also been working full time, trying to pull together PEP! 3 (I’ve got great material from Plok, David A and Richard F, but nothing else to work with – everyone else I’ve asked to contribute has had too many problems (that is NOT a dig at anyone, before anyone gets paranoid. I KNOW how hard these things can be)), working on a proposal for a novel, and working on a super-sekrit project of Plok’s.

And I’ve also-also been planning my first solo album.

It’s a baroque pop album, it’ll probably take at least the rest of the year to do, and it’ll be a proper Roy Wood style “write the songs, play all the instruments, sing everything, drive the van and make the sandwiches” solo album.

Here’s a little fragment – the first minute or so of a longer piece I’m working on, almost as an exercise. As I’ve been writing the Beach Boys book I’ve been noticing more and more of the techniques Brian Wilson used, and this is me piling in as many as I can of the Smile-era tricks into one minute or so of harpsichord, timpani, ‘cello and cor anglais.

(I’ve just dumped the raw MIDI to MP3 here – the actual finished album will have a proper sound font used, not this cheap tinny stuff).

Let me know what you think.Smile.

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3 Responses to And on a different note…

  1. pillock says:

    That’s tremendous news about the album, Andrew! Always interested to hear your music, as you know.

  2. pillock says:

    I could probably generate some other small PEP! item if you’re strapped for pages…just sayin’…

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Thanks, but since posting this Gavin B has said he might be able to get me his piece, after all, and I’ll just bully Holly into doing the one she promised and we’ll be fine…

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