Linkblogging for 23/03/11

The bad news is that I have a killer migraine. The good news is that migraines usually come for me when my body is relaxing after a period of stress, so that means once it’s over the writer’s block I’ve been wrestling with for weeks might be gone. Fingers crossed.

Have some links:

The Hooded Utilitarian on The Quintessentially Victorian Vision Of Ogden’s “The Wire”

Andrew Rilstone has been doing an incredible series of posts on Melanie Philips – not so much using a sledgehammer to smash a nut as using the sledgehammer, then using a tactical nuclear warhead to ensure it was completely smashed, and then using the Death Star to clean up the broken bits of nutshell. Most recent post is here, but look back through his archives for the last week.

Leonard Pierce on the West’s heroic track record on intervention in the Middle East.

The electronic publishing bingo card

I actually feel bad about linking to this one, because it’s such an intensely personal thing for him, but Millennium’s Daddy Richard’s mother died recently, and it’s inspired some of his best writing. It’s hard, because Richard’s a friend and I wish more than anything I could ease his suffering, and complimenting his writing feels tactless on a “how did you like the play, Mrs Lincoln?” level. But it *is* also a very, very good piece of writing…

The Independent on “Blue Labour”. This sounds, frankly, scary as hell. There’s a word for socially authoritarian economic protectionists who scapegoat minorities, and that word is ‘fascist’. I don’t mean that in the Rik-from-the-Young-Ones “You’re so fascist!” sense, I mean that those are many of the major elements of the system of government known as fascism. As a left-liberal, I’m particularly concerned because with the rightward drift of the Lib Dems as part of the coalition (something that will hopefully be reversed sooner rather than later) and this, there’s a good chance the country will polarise into left-authoritarian and right-liberal camps. I’ll have to sit on the right-liberal side if that happens, but I *really* don’t want to…

The similarities between prescriptivist grammar and creationism

And OpenDemocracy respond to the right-wing anti-democracy historians who sent an anti-AV letter to the Times, with a letter signed by many more historians who like democracy

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