Linkblogging For 07/03/11

And we’re back… we’ve got net access back now, at least. But I’m still getting through the backlog of a week with no internet, so don’t expect a proper post til tomorrow, when I’ll be finishing off my Pet Sounds post which I started on Tuesday last week. Then on Wednesday I’m going to do the next part of How We Know What We Know, and the next Cerebus post will be (YooHWHoo willing) on Friday. I’ll try to get round to replying to the comments from the last week or so soon too.

Meanwhile, links:

Van Dyke Parks is to release five new singles, as collaborations with different visual artists, including Art Spiegelman

Lisa Ansell, a Labour blogger, on what can really be learned from the Barnsley by-election
. Jonathan at Liberal England explains why it was bad for everyone.

Andrew Rilstone on Liz Jones and journalism

Ask A Physicist explains why E=MC^2

The High Llamas are touring. Unfortunately their Manchester date is the day between the Monkees and Van Dyke Parks, and I would like to see my wife that week, but they’re fantastic live

The Comics Journal has revamped its online presence again

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2 Responses to Linkblogging For 07/03/11

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Oh, my new dinosaur doesn’t make the list! *sulk*

    • It should have done! It happened just before I lost internet access, and then by the time I got it back I forgot I hadn’t linked it. Will link it tonight – and congratulations, if I didn’t congratulate you already.

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