British Telecom Are Incompetent Idiots

We had an intermittent fault on our phone line which meant that about twice a day we had to reboot the router to get a new IP address.
BT came out yesterday morning to fix it.
Now we have no phone or internet at home. It might be back on Tuesday. Meantime, don’t expect any Twitters, blog posts, emails etc. Moderation of comments may take some additional time too.

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5 Responses to British Telecom Are Incompetent Idiots

  1. colin smith says:

    I have no doubt BT are as you’ve found them, although they’ve been cool with us over here in the wilds. But your horror story reminded me of one long month trying to deal with Orange. One day we might share a cup of tea and tales of inept phone companies and internet providers.

    One chap at Orange, after failing to connect me in 29 days, declared to me that the colour of the router I was using was causing the problem. Not the router, but the colour of it. I swear this is true. The Splendid Wife still cackles at the memory of my response.

    My sympathies to you during your disconnection. I can imagine how infuriating and irritating the problem must be.

    • Oh, I can well believe that. I’ve never dealt with a telecoms company who were actually *competent* – I have horror stories about BT, NTL (as was, now Virgin), and TalkTalk. I *did* find our experiences switching our internet to Tiscali quite good – see – but Tiscali have since been bought by TalkTalk.
      Telecoms companies are absolutely fine so long as you never want them to connect something that isn’t already connected, or to provide any kind of support…

    • Holly says:

      I definitely approve of this sharing-a-cup-of-tea plan! I think you’re ace. (I’m Andrew’s wife, by the way.)

  2. TAD says:

    I think you’re too hard on Davy Jones.

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