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No2AV Objections Answered #yes2av #no2av

I’ve been volunteering for the Yes campaign for a while now, and I’ve heard surprisingly few arguments put to me against AV and for First Past The Post. I’ll try, in this post, to answer all of the ones I’ve … Continue reading

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Gallifrey Series IV

I come to Big Finish’s new Gallifrey series from a slightly different angle from most of its listeners. I listened to the first three series several years ago, and was unimpressed – I remember the first series as being moderately … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 28/03/11

My writer’s block has gone into remission, so I’m working on the next Cerebus piece (finally!), the next How We Know What We Know, and a piece on Batman, Inc. I may also review Richard Herring’s show on Wednesday. But … Continue reading

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Note To Publishers: DRM Costs You Money

I recently bought a cheap e-reader from Waterstone’s, and am very happy with it so far. I’ve been using it to read books from Project Gutenberg, papers from the Arxiv, ebooks from Baen, books by Charles Stross and so on. … Continue reading

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The Beach Boys On CD: Good Vibrations

A revised version of this essay appears in my book The Beach Boys On CD. If you like this, please consider buying it. Hardback Paperback PDF Kindle (US) Kindle (UK) Kindle (DE) All other ebook formats I… I love the … Continue reading

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Gmail account compromised

It looks like my Gmail account has somehow been compromised and used to send spam. I’ve changed the password. Apologies to everyone who’s received these emails.

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My New Favourite Album Of The Whole Of Today

This blog entry is specifically aimed at Tilt, Burkesworks and Chris Browning, though it may appeal to Andrew Rilstone and Colin Smith (and the rest of you) too. I was looking through the Wikipedia entry for Terry Jones a couple … Continue reading

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