Linkblogging For 20/02/11

I tried to get a Cerebus post up today but failed miserably – it’ll be up tomorrow with luck. Meanwhile, have some links:

Via Alex WIlcock, I’ve discovered that Lulu are, until the end of tomorrow, having a 20% sale – type HAPPYUK305 in the promotion box when you order. Now obviously, it would be nice if you used it to buy my books, but if you’ve already got them, you could buy Andrew Rilstone’s books (his books are on Watchmen, Doctor Who, folk music and theology, and are all excellent). Or you could buy Simon Bucher-Jones’ poetry book, my uncle’s great science books (including one in which I co-authored a chapter on Agile programming, and which my wife Holly co-wrote), or Lawrence Burton’s books. Support independent authors (who are friends or relations of mine, or who are me!)

Peer reviewers get worse with experience

British drugs caused an executed man to die in agony. Shameful.

Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer on the No2AV anti-democracy campaign and how they think we’re stupid.

Classification of young American females according to Brian Wilson

Leonard Pierce on the declining art of criticism

Kate Beaton did a Doctor Who comic without ever having seen the show.

Tom Ewing on specialness and pop music

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