Linkblogging For 11/02/11

I’m going to *try* to get my look at The Beach Boys Today!/Summer Days… And Summer Nights! up tonight, but it’ll probably not be up til tomorrow. I have several other posts planned for this weekend – a review of a self-published Doctor Who novel, the second part of How We Know What We Know and, if all goes well I’ll be trying something new.

I’ve decided to write a set of a dozen or so short science fiction stories that will make up a novel, in the way that some of the Jeeves books, or something like Asimov’s Foundation novels do (though hopefully with a prose style closer to the former than the latter) – each story a self-contained whole, but adding up to more. Maybe thinking of it as (shudder) a ‘story arc’. I’m still working on it, but I’m going to try to post each story as it’s written, and hope to get the first one up soon.

In the meantime, some links…

I feel really bad linking this, but Botswana Beast and Illogical Volume have given my new book a fairly glowing review over at Mindless Ones.

The Register analyses the Protection Of Freedoms Bill. Nowhere near all I’d hoped, but the glass is at least three-quarters full here. There are still many obscene restrictions on freedom that Labour brought in that need removing, but this at least gets rid of some of the most obviously dangerous ones, while not introducing any new nastiness.

Somehow this has ended up on Spotify – a chunk of a gig from the disastrous Beach Boys 1978 tour, I think from the Melbourne show, which I don’t have… interesting set list, and Carl’s in *FAR* better shape here than he was on March 14 that year…

Some People – a very Chris Ware-ish short comic

Leonard Pierce celebrates the centenary of the sainted Great Communicator himself, Ronald Reagan. He also mourns his own lack of ability to grow a truly huge beard. As someone whose resemblance to the people he wishes to emulate is spookily close (I once actually had someone shout at me across the street “Oy! Bob ‘the Bear’ Hite from Canned Heat!”, with quote marks implied), I can only feel pity for someone who lacks this ability.

And, because apparently he writes a million words a minute, Leonard has also posted a rather good appreciation of Georges Brassens.

A short-short story by Arthur C Clarke

Liberal England on why Mathew Oakeshott is right and Nick Clegg wrong while Linda Jack says the party is more than just its front bench.

Muddy Waters at Chorlton Railway Station

Liberal Democrat councillors (including the leader of Manchester’s Lib Dem group, Simon Ashley) opposing cuts to services

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