I’m A Bestselling Author!

Ha! Take that, Billboard!

Ha! Take that, Billboard!

OK, I’ve actually sold a pitifully low number of copies of my books, and even fewer just on Kindle, but I’m still number one in Discographies And Buyers Guides for the Kindle (and it’s number 12 in Discographies & Buyers Guides when counting dead-tree books too). I’m also at number six in the ‘books about Paul McCartney’ chart. Take that Peter Ames Carlin, with your ‘research’ and your ‘good writing’ and your ‘being a really nice bloke actually who I’ve known for years’ ! Admittedly, I’ll drop down the ranks very quickly again, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Best-selling author Andrew Hickey has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

No? Please yourself…

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  1. Nice one!
    Carlin was great on the Brian Wilson Songwriter DVD as well.

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